Event Planning

In 1974, after living in Europe for three years, Albi returned to Edmonton. Shortly after his return he started to work for Northlands producing Klondike Days feature exhibits where he worked until 1995. He started an event planning company and produced a number of events including Cheers Food and Beverage Show, Art of CAD, The Works International Festival and the Cold Weather Construction Symposium Expo Shaw Conference Centre. In 2001 he was contracted by Edmonton Klondike Days Association (EKDA) to work on Sunday in the City. The position of General Manger became available in 2003, which he held until his retirement in the summer of 2012. During this tenure he oversaw the change to Events Edmonton. Albi managed the production A Taste of Edmonton and New Year’s Eve Downtown. He also staged Canada Day festivities and in 2011/12 produced METROPILIS Edmonton Winter Festival. This event was based on cold climate construction technology, which in large part has been developed in Edmonton.

Canada Day at Louise McKinney Park