This series of works started in 2009 saw the return to painting on canvas. Using pre-stretched canvas was a big change from the previous paintings with a less defined format. The size of the canvas dictated the composition. The canvas is prepared with gesso and absorbent grounds and a variety of paint applications are used. This includes fibre and foam brushes along with trowels. The travel pigment is used as an accent rather than for an overall effect.




The paintings produced in 2007 to 2009 featured the use of travel pigment on plastic substrates. Travel pigment or flip colours, as they are also referred to, change colour when viewed from a different angle. Golden Artists Colors Inc. developed this water-based version of paint that was pioneered in the automobile industry. After some experimentation Albi found that this paint adhered well on plastic substrates due to the smooth nature of the surface. These paintings feature the irregular edge and shape, which is characteristic of three-dimensional work that was produced prior to 2007.




The paintings produced prior to 2001 were on canvas. Experimentation has always been a part of Albi’s studio. The paintings leading to this series incorporated heavy applications of gel. This method of paint application evolved to the production of 3-D forms. A custom product consisting of acrylic and urethane was made-up by Golden Artists Colors Inc. Four works from this series were exhibited in the Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art 2002. Some of the pieces were not stable so fragments were incorporated in a series of collage paintings on canvas.

 2003 Canvas




Taste of Edmonton

A Taste of Edmonton is one of Canada’s largest food and beverage festivals. For the past twenty-eighth year thousands of visitors have enjoyed a variety of offerings. During Giuseppe’s tenure as General Manager the festival has expanded to a full ten-day event that includes A Taste of Wine and Beer. In 2010 the festival became green through the use of compostable cutlery and dinnerware.

New Years’ Eve Downtown

New Year’s Eve Downtown is Edmonton official civic New Year’s Eve celebration. In 2001 Events Edmonton took over staging First Night and renamed it. The festival consists of three indoor venues and an outdoor stage. A spectacular pyrotechnics display produced by the City of Edmonton ushers in the New Year.

Metropolis Winter Festival

Metropolis is a unique winter festival conceptualized by Giuseppe. This event was based on cold climate construction technology that was pioneered in Edmonton with the construction of the Professional Building completed in 1961. Four pavilions built from scaffolding wrapped with shrink-wrap were erected on Sir Winston Churchill Square. These heated and architectural designed structures featured a variety of activities, which included an art display, fashion show and sale, aerial trapeze performance by Firefly Theatre and food fair. The festival ran for seven weeks and took two months to erect and one month to dismantle. It is the largest and longest running festival to be staged on Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Halliwell Residence

Halliwell Residence Patio Screen

This project produced was a partnership with Carlyle & Associates a prominent landscape design firm in Edmonton. In 1999 Doug Carlyle designed a modern gazebo, which required a screen that would function year round. The climate in Calgary ranges from 30 C to – 30 C with wind, snow, rain and hail. A painted screen was not suitable so Albi developed a screen made from coloured PVC mesh. This meant all the climatic conditions while being a unique art piece. The appearance of the screen changes throughout the day and year as it is animated by the natural light and meteorological conditions.